The Ruby on Rails Podcast (v2)

I have been hosting the 5by5 Ruby on Rails Podcast for the last three years. Over that time, I have made some incredible friendships. As I have stated on the podcast, it is how I contribute to the community in a sea of content creators. 5by5 has been a wonderful network to be on.

I often get asked for advice on how to start a podcast. The truth is: I haven’t done it. Since I wasn’t hosting the podcast at its inception, I missed the beginnings of the design, naming, social media presence and orchestrating sponsorships. I was able to make changes to the podcast around content, set some established questions and edit it how I saw fit.

For those reasons, I am striking out on my own, with a new producing partner and some exciting changes below. I thought the easy way to consume the changes would be to break them out into a comprehensive FAQ.


Q: What is the name of the new podcast?

A: It is “The Ruby on Rails Podcast”.

Q: Well, why the “The”?

A: This is certainly not the only podcast in the Ruby on Rails space (shoutout to the Remote Ruby, the Bikeshed and Rails with Jason). Honestly, over the years, some listeners didn’t know what 5by5 was so when asking me about the show, they would say “The Ruby on Rails Podcast”. I wanted to pay homage to that.

Q: Where will I be able to access the podcast?

A: It’s new home is on Fireside here.

Q: Who is your producing partner? How will they be involved?

A: Mirror Placement, an agency that helps other developers learn, grow, and find jobs they love, is my new partner. Brian Mariani, founder, has been on the existing podcast (some of the most highly listened to) and he offers great advice to RoR devs both new and established. As part of this change, Brian will join a rotation of co-hosts.

Q: Rotation of co-hosts, you say? What does that mean?

A: While I (Brittany) have been the main voice of the show over the last few years, there are some guests that regularly return to provide updates on the interesting work they are doing in the Ruby space. For that reason, we are establishing a regular cast of co-hosts to drop in on episodes. Nick Schwaderer will definitely be one! Guest interviews will be peppered in as well.

Q: If I’m subscribed to the 5by5 Ruby on Rails podcast, do I need to make any changes to be subscribed to The Ruby on Rails Podcast?

A: 5by5 has been gracious enough to redirect the existing feed to the new one. No change needed for subscribers. The past episodes will be available in the new feed.

Q: How about improvements in audio quality?

A: I’m SO ready for this question. Over the years, I have learned a lot about equipment, editing and sound proofing my tiny closet. That being said, it’s time to take it to the next level. We have hired an editor to edit the shows going forward. I am stoked and excited to be working with Paul at Peachtree Sound.

Q: What other changes can we expect?

A: A new design for one tied to together with a perfect example of why Mirror Placement is a great partner. We collaborated on this new design. Quoting from Brian, “The dual circles around the Ruby relate to a number of things: Rails (we tried making it look more like a train track and it was… not good), the second life and phase of the podcast and to signify that you have an occasional co-host.”

Expect more changes as we gather feedback from guests, hosts and our listeners.

Q: Are there sponsorship opportunities?

A: Absolutely, please reach out to Fred DiStefano at sponsors@therubyonrailspodcast.com to learn more.

Q: I’m interested in being a guest. How do I reach out?

A: Please reach out to me here.


I’m incredibly thankful for:


I am departing from 5by5 but will continue to be the host of the newly dubbed “The Ruby on Rails Podcast”. Mirror Placement has signed on to produce with Brian Mariani joining a new rotation of co-hosts. The feed remains the same but exciting changes are coming.