Be a Guest on the 5 by 5 Ruby on Rails Podcast

Host of the 5 by 5 Ruby on Rails Podcast

As a long time listener of the podcast, I came on as a rotating co-host in 2018. Eventually, I took over as a solo host, using the platform to speak to my heroes in the Ruby, Rails, open source and technology space. A personal goal is to elevate voices that have not been heard in our community yet.

The Bikeshed

Steph is joined by Brittany Martin, an avid Rubyist and the host of the Ruby on Rails Podcast. They discuss Brittany's passion for roller derby and her upcoming Ruby conference talk: "Hire Me, I'm Excellent at Quitting." They also discuss using AWS Serverless, troubleshooting Postgress connection errors and working with Google Pay and Apple Wallet to introduce digital tickets.

Remote Ruby

In this episode, Chris and Jason chat with Brittany Martin. They talk about the Ruby on Rails Podcast (where Brittany is the host), public speaking, AWS certification, and more!

The Ruby Testing Podcast

In this episode I talk with Brittany Martin, co-host of the Ruby on Rails Podcast, about her career story and how she got started with Ruby testing.

Ruby Tapas | Serverless Ruby with AWS Lambda

For some software applications, even a microservice architecture feels too heavyweight. Sometimes all you really need to implement a bit of new functionality is a single function that takes some inputs and produces some outputs. In those cases, wouldn’t it be nice to simply upload the function into the cloud, and let someone else worry about triggering and scaling it? That’s the value proposition of so-called “serverless” computing. In today’s episode, guest chef Brittany Martin is going to show you everything you need to know to get started with serverless architecture in Ruby, using Amazon’s Lambda service.


Pittsburgh, PA USA